The Board of Directors

is elected by the Convention in annual meeting upon the recommendation of the Committee on Nominations. The Board is comprised of active members from cooperating churches. 

The Board of Directors (Board) is literally the “Convention between annual meetings of the Convention,” conducting business for the statewide denomination in all matters except those specifically exempted by the Articles of Incorporation or assigned elsewhere by the Bylaws.

North Carolina is divided into 10 geographical regions with Board members elected from each region based upon the Baptist population as reported on the Annual Church Profile (ACP). There are approximately 1.2 million Baptists in North Carolina and 117 members on the Board, therefore, each Board member represents 10,000 North Carolina Baptists.

Board members are elected for a four-year term and only one Board member may serve from any given church at one time. The Committee on Nominations is expected to nominate individuals for service on the Board who have demonstrated active churchmanship; a cross-section of membership, thus assuring representation of churches of various sizes; a variety of professional and educational backgrounds; different age groups; and both laypersons and ministers. The process for making recommendations of individuals to serve on the Board of Directors is open to all North Carolina Baptists.

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The Board has specific duties as outlined in the Bylaws (Article II. C.). The Board gives general oversight of the programs and ministries of the Convention and reports its activities during the year to the Convention meeting in annual session. The Board has responsibility to recommend to the Convention the budget allocations for the ministry of the Convention and to implement the budget as adopted by the Convention.

The Board meets three times a year in January, May and September and accomplishes much of its work through Board committees and special committees as assigned by the Convention’s Bylaws. Most of the Board’s actual work takes place outside the three meetings. The Convention staff, under the leadership and supervision of the Executive Director-Treasurer, carries out the day to day operations of the Convention. Board committees and special committees meet regularly to hear reports, study and recommend various programs.

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