Worship Leader Boot Camp

Our primary training for worship leaders is through one of the Worship Leader Boot Camp experiences. We now offer a variety of possibilities depending upon how deep you want to go and how much time you can allot the learning experience.

We deliver Worship Leader Boot Camp training in five different options:

Worship Leader Boot Camp BASIC

This option is great for everyone on the worship team to come and catch the vision for renewed worship in your church. This training covers the material in an eight-hour conference on a Saturday. Corporate worship times are led with virtual worship bands and tracks rather than a full band experience.

Worship Leader Boot Camp PLUS

Also for your entire team, this option covers the same core material, plus there is a full band to lead more extended times of corporate worship. Due to the added worship times, this event begins on a Friday night and runs through Saturday afternoon.

Worship Leader Boot Camp EXTREME

Worship Leader Boot Camp EXTREME begins with the Worship Leader Boot Camp material, combines strong elements of a new training, A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader, and then focuses on practically working through the concepts. This is a retreat setting beginning at noon on Thursday noon and running through mid-afternoon on Saturday.

Worship Leader Boot Camp ONLINE

This self-paced, fully online version of the Worship Leader Boot Camp includes 29 videos with 6.5 hours of instruction. This option allows users to cover the material thoroughly on your own timetable.

Worship Leader Boot Camp BEYOND EXTREME

This option takes all the material from the Worship Leader Boot Camp EXTREME and expands it to a 12-week online class with weekly video class meetings. A small group selected to participate in these classes will work through online video teaching, resources, projects, forums and more to learn the material thoroughly. The group will meet each week with the instructor in a videoconference to discuss the material and includes additional online interaction with the instructor and classmates. Two weeks are devoted to completing a final project for the class. Participants must be committed to the entire 12 weeks. This class is limited to N.C. Baptists unless openings are available.

If you are from an N.C. Baptist church and are interested in this class, please fill out this form and you will be contacted. If you are not from an N.C. Baptist church and are interested in this class, fill out this form.

For more information on these training opportunities, visit WorshipLeaderBootCamp.org.

More Information

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