Family & Church Connection

equips churches to equip families to be the primary disciple-makers of children and grandchildren. When it comes to family discipleship, God has designed the church Ephesians 4:12 and the home Deuteronomy 6:7 to work together as a team.

Faith At Home – Family & Church Connection

The Family and Church Connection ministry helps church leaders discover how to make discipleship in the home a thriving force in their congregations.  In a 2 to 4 hour on-site meeting, Dr. Mark Smith, Consultant of Family Ministry and Discipleship, will guide your leadership team through four simple action steps.

Family & Church Connection is a:

  1. Gathering of each ministry leader(staff and/or volunteer) to analyze every program and event offered by your church.
  2. Creative brainstorming session to discover possible ways to fine-tune all the ministries of your church to be Faith At Home focused. 
  3. Process that strategically identifies your current reality, challenges, critical action steps, and attainable initiatives to make Faith At Home a natural part of each ministry. 
  4. Tool to develop new ways to motivate parents and grandparents to be disciple-makers in their homes. 

Motivational tools include:

  • Biblical Training
  • Modeling
  • Development of Take Home Resources
  • Identification of Pertinent Testimonies
  • Sharing Relevant Statistics
  • Leveraging Current Ministry Meetings to Promote Faith At Home. 

The goal is to equip you and your staff so you can equip families of your church to be disciple-makers of their homes. 

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