Adult Evangelism & Discipleship

exists to help every believer enjoy Jesus and lead others into fellowship with Him.

Hearing and doing God’s Word

Our church has a mission statement that revolves around the Great Commission, and we communicate that mission every week. Previously, our services were structured, and our sermons were...[more]

Are you wearing ‘gospel goggles’?

Have you ever tried swimming without goggles? When we can’t see clearly, we swim into people or walls or any number of other obstacles. Goggles help us see and navigate places where it’s...[more]

Disciple-making is what we’re made for

Through training, networking, resourcing and most importantly, the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, we seek to join Him in the joy-filled work of making disciples. [more]


God is doing extraordinary things in and through ordinary people like this...


Jesus changed the world by training a few and unleashing them to do the same.


Different contexts require different resources like these...

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