Associations & Networks

work with the Church Planting Team and North Carolina Baptist churches to plant new evangelistic, reproducing churches.

Financial assistance may be provided for new church plants upon request of an association or network, satisfactory completion of the application process, and approval of the Church Planting Team. Networks partner with the Convention in initiating and assisting new church plants with a shared culture, such as the Cowboy Church Network. The association may also initiate and guide a church planting network for church planters with whom it partners.

Operation Reach

This is one of the most effective tools in identifying unreached people groups in an association where new churches are needed. This event guides associational pastors and leaders through a day of learning and identifying opportunities for new churches. Participants learn about people groups and how to identify them, and travel in groups to pre-assigned areas to identify unreached groups distinct from people groups other community churches are already reaching. Groups return to the host site to report their discoveries to the larger group. Many associations are identifying from 30 to 45 unreached people groups where new churches are needed, and this becomes a strategic map for planning and budgeting in the area of associational missions.  These events are provided at no financial cost to the association, but by funds from the Cooperative Program, Annie Armstrong Offering and the North Carolina Missions Offering. Every church represented at the event is provided with a detailed demographic report on their church.

Operation Reach requires a six-month planning process and commitment from the associational missionary to personally enlist the participation of pastors and one staff member/layman from each church.

Demographics (People Groups)

In areas where unreached people groups are identified, churches can utilize detailed demographics from MissionInSite. These reports can be done in multiple radii or utilizing existing boundaries, such as interstates, highways or rivers. In addition to revealing numbers by ethnicity, these reports include preferred contact methods, music style desired, number and ages of children per home in each category, and the most effective leadership style.

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