African-American Ministry

is committed to helping congregations align their vision, mission, core values and ministry strategies toward the goal of creating a Disciple-Making Culture.

Our vision is to proclaim the gospel, revision churches, birth congregations, and resource associations, churches, institutions and agencies by developing healthy, Bible-teaching African-American ministries. Effective spiritual leadership develops healthy, Christian disciples; building better churches for God's Kingdom.

Resourcing is available in the following areas:

“3D” Process for Disciple-Making
Training will be designed to assist pastors and other church leaders in understanding and implementing this comprehensive approach for making disciples. 

Pastoral Leadership Development

How to grow strong and thrive wherever God has planted you as a pastor. Pastors will be assisted in discovering their strengths in ministry.

Leadership Development
Training will focus on the four essential elements of effective spiritual leadership: Character, Competency, Capacity and Context.

Peer Fellowship Groups 
Monthly gatherings of pastors for dialogue and learning around a variety of topics. 

More Information

Jae Richardson  /  (984) 377-2229

Brandy Barkley  /  /  (800) 395-5102 ext. 5657