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View the 250 pockets of concentrated lostness in N.C.

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NC Baptists are taking the next step to impact lostness.

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Who is my neighbor?

Perhaps my neighbor is the one who lives near me. Perhaps my neighbors are the ones who are like me. We can always find a definition for the word that we like.[more]

Befriending a Muslim

Perhaps you have been praying for Muslims for awhile. God has been breaking your heart for them and their need for the gospel. But they are still “them” – a mysterious group of “others." [more]

Let prayer be the fuel for God's mission

God’s mission is fueled by prayer. As we pray our communion with God grows, along with our desire to obey Him. Prayer cultivates a missional and joyful mindset within us.[more]

The emotionally healthy leader

When we talk about emotionally unhealthy leaders, someone always comes to mind — a boss, a leader, a family member, a dad, a staff member, a deacon or a pastor. [more]