Baptists on Mission

Mobilizing members from hundreds of churches and coordinating their work to accomplish Kingdom work is what Baptists on Mission, is all about.

Baptists on Mission involves thousands of men, women and student volunteers in 17 ministries. One of the most visible ministries is the response to catastrophes through the disaster relief ministry.

Disaster Relief

Consider that N.C. Baptist Disaster Relief has trained more than 14,000 volunteers for disaster response. This past year, thousands of NCBM volunteers prepared more than 29,000 meals and carried out hundreds of clean-up and clear-out projects.

Such large-scale response calls for heavy equipment, careful coordination, advance planning and motivated volunteers who know what to do. Volunteers responded to 41 disasters in 2015, which included tornado and flood events in North Carolina, as well as the Nepal earthquake.

Baptists on Mission Ministries

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