The 1% Challenge

encourages churches to increase their Cooperative Program giving by 1%, which would help produce $6 million in additional funds for North Carolina missions and ministry, and $100 million nationwide for missions and seminaries.

What could North Carolina Baptists do with $6 million in additional funds?

  • $3.9 million for North Carolina ministries, $2.1 million additional for the Southern Baptist Convention each year
  • The International Misison Board could send out 21 more missionaries every year engage 21 more Unreached People Groups every year.
  • The North American Mission Board would receive $478,000 in additional funding for church planting each year.
  • Our six Southern Baptist seminaries could train 71 more pastors, missionaries and leaders every year.
  • Our Baptist State Convention's Church Planting Team could support 26 additional church planters and help start 26 additional new churches each year across our state.
  • Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute could train 41 more future pastors and church leaders.
  • Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina could provide 155 children with a safe home, daily care and dedicated houseparents.
  • A 1% increase would make a huge difference each year across North Carolina, all over the United States and around the world!
  • A 1% increase would enable North Carolina Baptists to make a true global missions advance!

Will you accept the 1% Challenge in your church?

If all 4,300 North Carolina Baptist churches accepted the 1% Challenge, this increased giving would result in more International Mission Board missionaries being able to share the gospel with unreached people groups. The North American Mission Board would receive about $478,000 in additional funds to help start new churches.

 Accept the 1% challenge

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