embodies four essential elements for effective spiritual leadership: Character, Competency, Capacity and Context.

Spiritual Leadership Equipping Tracks

We are excited to provide four spiritual leadership development equipping tracks that cover the areas of character, capacity, context and competencies. We can impact lostness by developing spiritual leaders in the local church who reach others, make disciples and develop spiritual leaders who are able to develop other spiritual leaders, ultimately learning to lead like Jesus.

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Our vision:

To have spiritual leaders in homes, churches, communities and workplaces who use their influence to transform the thinking, behavior and circles of relationships through Christ.

Our purpose:

To train spiritual leaders who can train others in their own context of ministry to become spiritual leaders in their homes, communities, churches, work places and organizations.

This event is open to all N.C. Baptist leaders. All introductory equipping tracks and facilitator trainings will be held at the BSCNC office in Cary — other trainings will be conducted by associations and regions. The cost to attend the trainings is $25, and the cost to become a facilitator is an addition of $25-$75. Resource materials and lunch are included in the cost.

Facilitators will be expected to conduct an equipping seminar in their association or region within a year of attending the training. They must follow up with all attendees to monitor the implementation of the training and meet regularly with them. Facilitators will serve as coaches to pastors and church leaders and will write a blog post about the training to be posted on the BSCNC leadership site. They must also be available to conduct an equipping seminar in other associations or churches. There will be a standardized honorarium and reimbursement agreement for facilitators.

To schedule future trainings:

· List of Equipping Tracks are available here  

· Equipping seminars can be scheduled through the association or BSCNC office 

· List of all certified facilitators will be posted online by regions

· Reporting systems will be in place to track the progress made in equipping spiritual leader

Scholarship funds are available on a limited basis and can be requested through ktan@ncbaptist.org or levans@ncbaptist.org. Funds for Associational equipping tracks can be requested through Strategic Partnership Request (contact either Lester Evans or Kenneth Tan)

We are looking forward to what God will be doing in our churches, associations and ministries as we partner together in reaching, discipling and developing spiritual leaders who make disciples of all people.

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Ken Tan  /  ktan@ncbaptist.org  /  (800) 395-5102 ext. 5641
Maria Luoni /  mluoni@ncbaptist.org  /  (800) 395-5102 ext. 5629