Pray for 30 Days

is an annual prayer emphasis observed during October leading up to the convention's Annual Meeting. Devotionals and resources are available for you or your church to use throughout the year.

What is Pray for 30 Days?

Every year, North Carolina Baptists join together during the month of October to focus on praying for revival and spiritual awakening across our state, nation and world. The "Pray for 30 Days" prayer emphasis in October paves the way for our Annual Meeting in November.

Prayer Themes

As new themes for Annual Meeting are released each year, a corresponding "Pray for 30 Days" devotional prayer guide is developed. These devotionals are designed so they can be used any time throughout the year.

"Pray for 30 Days" prayer resources from previous years are available below and videos and other resources are available on the left side bar above under each emphasis theme title.

2017: Return to Me

Prayer Guide
The focus for this year is based on Zechariah 1:3. This year's Return to Me prayer guide can be downloaded free of charge or purchased below. Each church receives one copy of the prayer guide via snail mail. If a church wishes to have a special month devoted to united prayer, these prayer guides are the perfect daily devotional guide.  

Day of Prayer & Fasting

New for 2017, N.C. Baptists are encouraged to devote a portion or all of their Sunday worship service on Nov. 5 to prayer for revival and spiritual awakening. A prayer and fasting resource is available below as a download to help with these efforts. 

Biblical Basis for Each Theme

Return to Me
Zechariah 1:3 

Luke 14:23
Joel 2:1-28

2 Timothy 2:2
Ezekiel 37:1

Greater Things
John 14:12

Isaiah 60:1-3

Romans 13:11-14

October Daily Text Messages

Would a daily prayer prompt reminder help you? It's free. Just text the word Pray30Days to 313131 and you will be entered to receive an October daily prayer reminder with what to pray that day.

October Daily Devotional Emails

Would you like to delve deeper into the prayer emphasis with a daily email devotional during the month of October? You can receive a daily devotional with prayer points and resources with the current year's theme and "Pray for 30 Days" emphasis by clicking the button below.


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