Relationships are connected at the cross

In his devotional New Morning Mercies, Paul Tripp observes, “Relationships are first fixed vertically before they are ever fixed horizontally.” His words also apply to small groups. When...[more]

How preparing for Bible study is like eating an...

It seems the interest in and practice of community groups, small groups, etc. has become important to many churches over the past several years. Overall, I think this is healthy for a...[more]

A case for sermon-based small groups

Growing up in Baptist churches, I was given a whole lot of Bible in church. After all, Baptists are “people of the Book.” I was taught a Bible story in Sunday School, and I was given...[more]

Three things you can do personally to move from...

In my previous post I outlined why many mid-week groups are stuck in maintenance mode instead of mission mode. There is a tendency to use mid-week groups as a tool to...[more]

From Community to Kingdom

While we may not realize it or use this wording, most often our view of small groups is as a maintenance element of the Christian-industrial complex: a means to keep people connected to the...[more]

Six steps to introduce a home group ministry in...

One of the ongoing debates in churches today is whether or not to offer a home group ministry in addition to Sunday School. These groups are often called care groups, cell groups, life...[more]