The Collegiate Partnership Team

is a strength-based collaborative who assists churches in their missionary efforts to collegiate communities so that there will be no campus left in North Carolina without a gospel presence.

Jonathan Yarboro, Team Leader

bleeds strategy. From helping churches start gospel movements on campus, to starting massive mission initiatives, he has a knack for quickly getting things from launching pad to lift-off.  /  @jonathanyarboro 



Evan Blackerby, Consultant


shakes things up. His unorthodox approach to creatively push churches to grapple with hard questions helps them embrace a bigger vision. As a leader in the missional community movement, Evan's expertise is in the area of decentralized, organic disciple-making strategies.  /  @evanblackerby

Tom Knight, Consultant

loves to work with churches that are building cross-cultural bridges to students who are outside the church's normal scope. He's an expert on ministry with international students, and he has a keen eye for understanding cultural shifts before they become mainstream. His law degree makes him the go-to legal mind on accessing the college campus. / @tomknight3 

Darrick Smith, Consultant

enjoys pioneering new collegiate ministries. He can quickly help churches who want to see a reproducing gospel presesnce on a campus take action. Darrick enjoys mobilizing churches toward fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and has a vast experience particularly with Historically Black Colleges and Universities. / @darrick_smith


More Information

Jonathan Yarboro 
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