Embrace Leadership Network

is an organization of women’s ministry leaders who have gathered together for a time of learning and equipping to serve their churches and associations in the best way possible.

Embrace Leadership Network (ELN) centers around four Saturdays of intentional teaching during one calendar year. During this time of teaching women are able to not only learn, but also have the opportunity to meet other women’s ministry leaders and build a network of support while learning from one another. 

Each ELN Saturday requires reading of three books focused on the topics that will be discussed during the gathering. Women’s ministry leaders who participate in ELN prepare by reading the books and preparing themselves to engage in discussion about ways to apply the material to their current ministry setting.

Teaching draws from women’s ministry leaders and others who are well-versed in the teaching topics. The subjects taught include: foundations of women’s ministry and administration; disciple-making and women; how to teach/study the Bible; engaging in gospel conversations; working with a team; reaching the "nones" and a variety of other topics for today’s women’s ministry leader.

*Registration is currently open for the 2018 term and will remain open until capacity is reached or January 10, 2018.