Three questions for making disciples in Sunday...

Making disciples may sound like a daunting idea for some Sunday School teachers. But truthfully, we are always “making disciples.” The question is, “What are we discipling our people...[more]

How preparing a Bible study is like eating an...

It is Saturday evening and your Sunday morning Bible study that you lead and teach is in just a few hours and you do not know the lesson topic or the core scripture passage. You have what...[more]

Adding names or multiplying disciples?

Sometimes Sunday School leaders are focused on two things: how to get visitors and how to make them members. But, are these the right goals? [more]

The Most Important Sunday School Question

Why do some people join your Sunday School class while others visit once never to be seen again? At one time, everybody loved Sunday School, but lately it seems to have lost some of its...[more]

Assimilation through Sunday School

One of the ongoing debates in churches today is whether or not to offer a home group ministry in addition to Sunday School. These groups are often called care groups, cell groups, life...[more]

Three things you can do personally to move from...

In my previous post I outlined why many mid-week groups are stuck in maintenance mode instead of mission mode. There is a tendency to use mid-week groups as a tool to...[more]

From Community to Kingdom

While we may not realize it or use this wording, most often our view of small groups is as a maintenance element of the Christian-industrial complex: a means to keep people connected to the...[more]

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