help North Carolina Baptists use their God-given gifts and talents to serve others. Our partnerships and projects connect people with missions opportunities suited just for them.

Christ calls every Christian to be a missionary. This doesn't mean we have to travel to another country. We can be missionaries in our own community.

Are you looking for a local mission project that your church can be involved in? Need a great resource for information on how to plan a big variety of local mission projects, including economic needs, construction, children’s, elderly, health care, sports, servant evangelism, community ministry and OperationInAsMuch projects? 

North Carolina
Are you looking for projects in North Carolina? There are many needs across our state including projects from Hurricane Irene, tornado relief, the Red Springs and Shelby Mission Camps and much more.

Do you want to involve your church in mission projects across the United States? We have partnerships in National Disaster Relief efforts, the Appalachian coalfields, Pennsylvania, Vermont, the Rocky Mountain Region, Hawaii and more.

Do you want to get your church involved in international missions? There are many needs and opportunities all around the world. We have opportunities in Armenia, Guatemala, Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, India, Kenya, Hungary/Romania (with Roma people) and many international projects for students.

We also have projects available for various skills and interests, such as agriculture and aviation.

More Information

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