The Cooperative Program

is the unified giving plan which supports almost all missions and ministry which Baptists do together. The Cooperative Program (CP) supports missions and ministries across North Carolina, North America and around the world. 

It’s Time to Increase CP Giving

Increasing your church’s financial giving through the Cooperative Program (CP) is like your church giving more money through your ministry budget. Just as it moves up your financial base of...[more]

Survey: Cooperative Program draws pastors'...

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Southern Baptist pastors are strongly supportive of the Cooperative Program, according to a study commissioned by the SBC Executive Committee and published in its Winter...[more]

To reach beyond the valley

This Crestview Baptist Church actually does have a view of crests.The 500-member church's building is on Pisgah Drive that heads southeast from Canton through a valley surrounded by Pisgah...[more]

How does CP work? Simply!

North Carolina Baptists adopt a Cooperative Program budget each November in their annual meeting. Month by month during the next year, churches send in Cooperative Program dollars to the Convention accountants at the Cary office. They send the money on to the missions and ministry causes, according to that budget.

That, in a nutshell, is the Cooperative Program: Baptists combining their money to greatly increase the ministry and missions work they can do together, ministries which would be impossible for churches working alone.

How can we send more missionaries, start more churches?

Learn more about the 1% Challenge!

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