Spiritual Awakening Resources

are available to you and your church. We are in desperate need of spiritual awakening, as spiritual darkness is everywhere - in our neighborhoods, across the state and throughout the world.

The American church is in need of Christ to blow the winds of revival in her midst. Then maybe, just maybe, God will have mercy on this land and there will be a spiritual awakening that will impact lostness in America and the world. Revival begins with prayer and it begins with each believer! May our heart cry be . . . Jesus, awaken my heart! Please use the following resources to mobilize and join others in united prayer toward personal revival and awakening across North Carolina, North America and the world. 

Accept the "Pray for 30 Days" Challenge

Commit or challenge others to pray for 30 days for spiritual awakening by using the free resources listed below. Print a free downloadable version, or to order free printed copies, call (919) 459-5513 or email broland@ncbaptist.org.

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