NC Baptist: Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy

Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy

seeks to assist you in developing an individualized process for effective evangelism. The biblical basis for the IECS is found in Acts 2:41-47. Rather than being just one person's successful paradigm, this approach takes insights from more than 100 pastors who are effectively and consistently evangelistic.

The Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy is based on four principles: Every Christian is called by God to be involved in the Great Commission; evangelism begins with the local church; churches are different and must find their own way to evangelize their community; and God wants to bless Christians in reaching nonbelievers. The Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy materials are in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean.

Evangelistic leadership, evangelistic prayer, assimilation, event evangelism and personal evangelism are the five strategy components:

Evangelistic Leadership

This seminar assists participants in developing a tailored and effective evangelistic leadership approach. Subjects include planning, time management and characteristics of evangelistic leaders.

Evangelistic Prayer

This component encourages the development of a prayer ministry focusing on praying for those who do not know Christ. Discussion includes various successful models for different size churches.


This session aims to help churches disciple new converts into becoming fully functioning followers of Jesus Christ. Topics cover the "First Impression" to ministry involvement of the new believer.

Personal Evangelism

The heart of an evangelistic church beats strongly when the church implements a fruitful personal evangelism plan. Subjects covered in this section offer insights into motivation, organization and programs available.

Event Evangelism

The church in Acts experienced its birth in event evangelism. Planning evangelistic worship services, invitations, Vacation Bible Schools, revivals and other special events comprise a significant portion of this teaching.

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