5 resources for disciple-making in 2017

by Emily Rojas, BSCNC Communications
Tuesday, January 3, 2017 | 3 yrs old

Every month, we spotlight five free and helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples. Many of these resources are created by the staff of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) to help meet the ministry needs of pastors and lay leaders across the state. In addition to the resources featured here, many more can be found at ncbaptist.org/resources. You may also follow @ncbaptist for additional helpful resources throughout the month.

1. 30 Days | 30 Peoples
This resource by Peoples Next Door N.C. will guide you through 30 days of intentional prayer for 30 unreached people groups in North Carolina. In our state, there are at least 154 identified unreached people groups who have never heard the gospel clearly presented. This guide will equip you with the tools you need to reach your neighbors for the glory of God’s kingdom.
Visit: peoplesnextdoornc.org | Follow: @pndnc

2. Mission of God Leader Guide
This guide, created for those who lead groups through “The Mission of God” series, is a tool that will help leaders to create an environment of faith and learning as they go through “The Mission of God.” Leaders will learn how to foster a time of gospel-based discussion through this guide, which was created to help leaders bring their groups to an understanding of God’s mission and glory as they walk through this series together.
Visit: ncbaptist.com/missionofgod, peoplesnextdoornc.org | Follow: @pndnc

3. Mission of God Viewer Guide
Those who go through “The Mission of God” series can use this viewer guide to assist them as they walk through the Bible from beginning to end. This guide will help viewers come to a greater understanding of God’s mission — God’s desire to see all peoples on the earth know Him as Lord and Savior. The guide contains discussion questions that can be used both for personal edification and group study.
Visit: ncbaptist.com/missionofgod, peoplesnextdoornc.org | Follow: @pndnc

4. 5 Steps to Reaching International Students
This article by the BSCNC’s Sammy Joo outlines ways that Christians can reach international students who are studying abroad in the United States. Churches and individuals alike can take these steps to share the gospel with these students, who have the potential to be disciple-makers here in the U.S. and can also take the message of the gospel back with them to their home countries.
Visit: ncbaptist.org/collegiate | Follow: @nocampusleft

5. Metro Charlotte prayer card
You can use this card to learn about the specific needs of North Carolina’s Metro Charlotte region and to learn more about how you can pray for the gospel to be spread in that area. Discover how you can help the Metro Charlotte’s local churches and associations in their disciple-making efforts with this card, which you can share on social media or pass out in your church service.
Visit: impactnc.org | Follow: @nc_impact