Spiritual Leadership Equipping Tracks

are designed for any person who either is or is being developed into a ministry leader. You will discover the essential qualifications and characteristics of an effective spiritual leader and the process that it takes to develop one. These tracks will show you how to use proven resources that will assist you in developing spiritual leaders who lead like Jesus and fulfill the vision and mission of the church.

The four Cs of spiritual leadership are character, capacity, context and competence. These leadership components are essential to be effective in doing ministry.

What does it mean to be a spiritual leader? These equipping tracks provide a balanced framework for developing spiritual leaders who will become more effective in whatever ministry or leadership role they play. Included in these trainings are the necessary steps you can take in developing a process or leadership pipeline for your church.


Lead Like Jesus
This training will help you develop into a leader based on the model of Jesus. This training focuses on the character of a leader, which is transformative to leadership. It will equip you as a leader to impact your own spheres of influence. The leadership philosophy of this training is simple: Follow Jesus, the leader.
Find a character trainer in your area.


Emotionally Healthy Leaders
This track will help you discover and understand who you are as a leader and how to develop leaders who lead a well balanced life and ministry. You can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.
Find a capacity trainer in your area.


The Secret of Teams
This training will help you as a leader to understand the different elements needed to become a more effective ministry team and determine if you are achieving your goals. You will also learn how to deal with the challenges you will face in implementing changes in a ministry team.
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This training will help you discover how to use a biblical approach to resolving conflicts in the different areas of life and ministry. You will also learn by role playing, and you will learn some practical approaches to understanding different types of conflicts and how to apply scriptural principles to create peace in various contexts.
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