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The Peoples Next Door N.C. team equips churches to discover, engage and disciple the unreached people groups now living in North Carolina. Get started by clicking on each of the six steps.

Peoples Next Door NC Next Steps

Step 1: Understand the change

Invite one of our team members to come and cast vision or come and participate in one of our cross-cultural immersion experiences.


  • Peoples Next Door N.C. with David Platt
    Hear from the president of the International Mission Board and several North Carolina pastors about why and how we can reach unreached peoples right here in our state.
  • Reaching the Nations for Christ with Chuck Register
    Executive leader of Church Planting and Mission Partnerships shares about how you and your church can reach the nations for Christ in North Carolina.
  • The Great Commission in N.C. with Mike Sowers
    Triad strategy coordinator, Mike Sowers, casts the vision for seeing the nations engaged with the gospel here in our own cities in North America.
  • Strangers Next Door with J.D. Payne
    This is an important book for any who want to understand the nature of the change that is taking place in North America as unreached peoples migrate to the West.

Step 2: Learn to pray

Participate in one of our prayer advocate trainings and learn to develop a prayer strategy for an unreached people group in your community.


  • Pray for the World by Patrick Johnstone and Molly Wall
    Use this book to learn about and pray for the countries and peoples of the world.
  • Prayer Walking Made Simple with J. Chris Schofield
    Learn about how prayer walking can change and be a means of entry into your community.
  • IMB Pray App
    Learn about unreached people groups across the globe and pray for spiritual awakening among them.

Step 3: Befriend the peoples

Be trained in cultural acquisition which will allow you to befriend the peoples as you humbly learn about them.

Start by searching for people groups or points of interest to engage the internationals in your area on You can also contact the refugee resettlement agencies and college campuses in your area to see how you can serve refugees and international students.

When encountering people groups at points of interest, go in with a posture of humility and an attitude of a learner (Phil. 2:5-8). Aspire to truly understand your new neighbors, and seek genuine friendship and love them as yourselves. Start natural conversations with them and maintain a consistent presence in their stores and neighborhoods.


Step 4: Share the gospel

Invite one of our team members to facilitate an interfaith evangelism training so that your hearers will be able to both understand and accept the gospel.

Share with them what Christ has done for you — by the second time that you meet someone, make sure that they know you are a follower of Jesus. Remain tethered to the Word of God, and share the whole story of the gospel — creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. However, this means that you must also take time to understand their story and their faith. You have already shared the gospel in word, and understanding their story is part of sharing the gospel in deed — you cannot just choose one of the two. The more you listen, the better you will be able to share God’s story in a way that makes sense to those who do not know Him.


Step 5: Disciple new believers

Equip your members to help nonbelievers and new believers discover the truths of the Bible and apply them to their lives for both the short and long term.


  • Seven Basic Commands of Jesus
    This tool is an adaptation of George Patterson’s seven key commands of Christ for developing obedience-based discipleship of new believers.
  • Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman
    In this book, Coleman looks to the Scriptures to discover how Christ made disciples. It is simple and helpful for any who desire to make disciples as Jesus did.

Step 6: Multiply churches

Participate in peer group round table discussions to learn how to help new believers self-identify as a biblical church.



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