is a 10-week Bible study designed for any follower of Jesus Christ to gain practical tools to engage in our Lord's Great Commission mandate of becoming a disciple-maker.

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We are offering 15 printed copies per church for free plus the cost of shipping. This curriculum includes a workbook and DVD with videos. It is recommended that the DVD be used in a group setting. 


How to use Patterned

Printed workbooks and DVDs are available for N.C. Baptists who place their order above. Orders will be packed and shipped on Fridays. 

This website offers a digital version of the curriculum as a download for everyone. If you are not a N.C. Baptist and wish to order a DVD or workbook, we would ask that you check back with us in early December in order to give N.C. Baptists a chance to receive their free copy of this curriculum. In the meantime, please feel free to download and use the curriculum available on this website. 

For each week of lessons, there are two videos (except the intro week and week 10). The first video is designed to be watched at the beginning of each group time, and the second video is to be viewed at the conclusion of each group time and coordinates with the upcoming week's personal workbook lessons (available as a download on each page or above to order).

This resource is ideal for use in a small group or Sunday School setting. This allows for group members to learn from one another as they share what God is teaching them in His Word.

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This link below is for churches who have already received their 15 free copies and would like to purchase additional books. Each additional book is $11.00 plus the cost of shipping unless you are picking it up from the Baptist Building in Cary.


Attention: DVD Troubleshooting

If you received a physical copy of the DVD to use with your small group and could not access the week two videos, the videos are available for download or viewing online by clicking "week 2" on the left side navigation of this web page.

Additionally, if you are using a Windows computer to run the DVD, you may need to download media player software to enable playback because some newer computers do not come equipped to play DVDs. The BSCNC does not provide or recommend media player software. Users assume all risk when downloading software from the web.

Updated DVD

A corrected DVD is currently in production and will be available soon with week 2 navigation enabled. 

Overview of Sessions

Week 1: Praying for the Lost
Week 2: Defining Evangelism and Discipleship
Week 3: Studying the Bible
Week 4:
Telling your Story
Week 5: Gospel Conversations
Week 6: Community
Week 7: Unreached People Groups
Week 8: Ministry Opportunities/Storying
Week 9: Living Intentionally
Week 10:
Transformation, not Information; Sending

Patterned lessons are structured with two purposes:

1. Scriptural depth
To take each person deeper into Scripture to gain God's perspective on the topic.

2. Practical application
To help each person use knowledge gained in daily life.

More Information

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