7 ways to be culturally sensitive to Hindus

Currently, five of the largest concentrations of unreached people groups (UPGs) in North Carolina identify themselves predominantly as Hindu. [more]

“Christianity is good for you because you are...

If I had five baht (an Asian currency equal to about 15 cents) for every time I heard that statement after presenting the gospel during my two years in Thailand, I would be well provided...[more]

12 ways to be culturally sensitive with Muslims

Some estimate that as many as 2.75 million Muslims now live in the United States. As we seek to befriend and engage them with the gospel, here are several principles to remember.[more]

Loving relationships key to gospel engagement

Many immigrants come from highly relational societies. Opportunities to develop friendships with internationals are all around us, if we’ll take time to be intentional.[more]

How to avoid paternalism in missions and...

In missions, our desire to help can sometimes lead to unhealthy dependence. Here’s some advice on avoiding paternalism in ministry.[more]

Reaching the nations from your front porch

How far are the nations from your front porch? They’re closer than you think.[more]

Six ways to learn and engage members from...

One thing I learned from serving as a missionary in Africa and Asia was that the key to being effective meant I had to be learner.[more]

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