Five steps to reaching international students

Reaching international students has the potential to make a significant, global impact for the Kingdom of God. Here are five suggestions for you and your church to reach international...[more]

Three ways to pray as Ramadan concludes

The conclusion of Ramadan is a great opportunity to pray for and minister to your Muslin friends and neighbors.[more]

How to engage your world by saying ‘hello’

What does engaging your community for Christ look like? Sometimes it starts with something as simple as a hello. [more]

Reaching international students means reaching...

God called Moses from the wilderness to lead His people out of Egypt. International students are like a modern-day Moses, awaiting an encounter with God to take the gospel back to their...[more]

Inviting our neighbors

A text comes through at 10 p.m.It’s from one of the first refugees assigned to me as a client when I started work for a refugee agency back in 2008.A well-educated, Iraqi man, whom our...[more]

Making disciples in a nation of immigrants

It’s been said the United States is a nation of immigrants. Cris Alley shares some practical ideas to remember when ministering to immigrants.[more]

Book review: Preach and Heal

Becky Hardy shares how Dr. Charles Fielding’s book Preach and Heal: A Biblical Model for Missions changed her outlook on missions and life.[more]

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