Prayer Requests

are shared each month by church planters across the state. Seven of those planters are featured on our website weekly, please take a moment to pray intentionally for church planters, their families, and communities all across North Carolina.

Day 1: Roger Blevins

Happy Trails Cowboy Church
Type: Cowboy
Location: Laurel Springs

Day 2: Josh and Joy Williamson

The Refuge
Type: Town and Country
Location: Benson


Day 3: Charles and Gwendolyn Locklear

Bethany Christian Fellowship
Type: Native American Indians
Location: Pembroke

Day 4: Barry and Dawn Matos

Iglesia Bautista Discipulos de Cristo        
Type: Hispanic
Location: Mint Hill

Day 5: Nate Fuller

Hope Church International
Type: African American
Location: Durham

Day 6: Howard and Melissa Taylor

Beth Emet Messianic Synagogue
Type: Messianic Jewish
Location: Rich Square

Day 7: Jeff and Kelly Cole

Real Vision Baptist Church
Type: Town and Country
Location: Rockwell

More Information

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