Section 5: Impact & Oneness

Throughout the bible there are reminders that the gospel is for all people. Believers make up a plethora of diverse people, but it is vital to remember that we are united because we share one Father and are one family. 

Prayer Points

  • Ask God to show you how you have been self-focused instead of family of God focused.
  • Father, bring pastors and churches together in desperate brokenness over their need for God's mercy.
  • Pray that you will live out Romans 12:5 and Ephesians 4:3.

Study Questions

  1. How has sin caused division among people, and what can true believers do about it? Romans 16:17
  2. Are you (or your church) welcoming of all kinds of people or do you see divisions that are weakening your witness?
  3. How can you be more intentional to show the world you have been reconciled to Christ Jesus by the way you unite with others?

Free Resources:

Download this free daily devotion or purchase a printed copy here. Each church will receive one free copy in early September. You can also sign up to receive free text message prayer prompts each day during the month of October, simply text IMPACTNC to 313131

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