Section 4: Impact & Trust

God has proven He is faithful to His will for mankind. Trusting in His sovereign plan can be difficult, especially when we don't connect how prayer works with His will.

Prayer Points

  • Pray God will do whatever it takes to bring His Church to a place of total trust, and ask Him to begin with your church.
  • Ask God to search your heart for improper motives as you seek revival.
  • Ask God to raise up a generation of believers who are secure in Him to go to the nations.

Study Questions

  1. Read through Ephesians 1:3-6 and think about what Paul says about God's will.
  2. Examine your heart and determine where you struggle with trusting God's plan for your life and how your personal prayers fit into this plan.
  3. Identify various ways you can grow to trust the Lord more fully.

Free Resources:

Download this free daily devotion or purchase a printed copy here. Each church will receive one free copy in early September. You can also sign up to receive free text message prayer prompts each day during the month of October, simply text IMPACTNC to 313131

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