Section 3: Impact & Repentance

Repentance is a heavy subject for many and requires a full understanding of what it is and what it is not. If our grief over sin is not from God where we take full responsibility, our motivation may be misdirected. 

Prayer Points

  • Ask God to give you grace to turn completely away from your sin.
  • Father, help me weep over my sin and long for Your patient and kind love.
  • Ask the Lord to give your church another chance to return to Him and be used as a catalyst for revival, awakening and impacting lostness.

Study Questions

  1. How are you being shaped by a spirit of true repentance?
  2. Read 2 Corinthians 7:9-10 and think about what it means to grieve sin and how this is beneficial for every believer?
  3. How have you see repentance taken our of context or misunderstood?

Free Resources:

Download this free daily devotion or purchase a printed copy here. Each church will receive one free copy in early September. You can also sign up to receive free text message prayer prompts each day during the month of October, simply text IMPACTNC to 313131

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