Section 2: Impact & Refocus

Do you have a heart that is distracted with the things of the world? Often, we are looking for a quick solution to our moral and spiritual problems instead of devoting ourselves to discipline and focus. Joel 2:12 says to "Turn to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping and with mourning."

Prayer Points

  • Ask God to refocus your heart to see the needs that exist in your walk with Him.
  • Ask for wisdom to make decisions that are aligned to God's will for keeping your life focused on Him.
  • Pray for other believers in your life who are distracted.

Study Questions

  1. How difficult is it to say no to distractions?
  2. What is your plan of action for refocusing?
  3. Who can you identify as a mature believing friend who can hold you accountable to keep your focus on what truly matters?

Free Resources:

Download this free daily devotion or purchase a printed copy here. Each church will receive one free copy in early September. You can also sign up to receive free text message prayer prompts each day during the month of October, simply text IMPACTNC to 313131

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