High School Bible Drill

is for youth in grades 10-12, and helps youth study and trust God's word, grow spiritually, memorize verses and develop confidence in speaking biblical truths.


1. Study and trust God's Word as they grow in Christian maturity.
2. Develop Bible handling skills in locating Bible books and Scripture verses.
3. Memorize verses dealing with salvation and basic biblical beliefs.
4. Develop confidence and poise in speaking the truths of the Bible.

Divisions of a High School Drill:

  1. Book Drill - Learn the names of and be able to locate the 66 books of the Bible in their proper order.
  2. Scripture Searching Drill - Be able to locate any given verse in the Bible.
  3. Steps to Salvation Drill - Recall all six verses of the Steps to Salvation Plan presented on the high school verse card.
  4. What We Believe Drill - Be able to locate, and quote from memory, the Bible verses for each question listed under the What We Believe Drill in the current High School Bible Drill resources.
  5. Key Biblical Passage Drill - Be able to locate and quote from memory the Bible passages listed under the Key Biblical Passage Drill in the current High School Bible Drill resources.

If a youth participates in High School Bible Drill for three years, he or she has the opportunity to learn three plans for the Steps to Salvation (The Roman Road, FAITH, and Path to Heaven) along with 30 verses that answer belief, ethical and doctrinal questions, as well as the names and sequence of the 66 books of the Bible.

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