of the BSCNC - the Biblical Recorder and North Carolina Baptist Foundation - provide trusted services to Convention churches. Both agencies are recipients of Cooperative Program funds and are each served by a board of directors elected by the Convention.

Biblical Recorder

Since 1833 the Biblical Recorder has served North Carolina Baptists as the Baptist State Convention’s official news journal. Originally known as the Baptist Interpreter, it was privately owned and operated for much of its history. The Convention purchased the Biblical Recorder and established the journal as an agency of the Convention in 1930.

On April 18, 2011, at the Board of Directors spring meeting, K. Allan Blume was unanimously elected as the new editor/president. He started work May 25, 2011. In December 2011 the Biblical Recorder moved its offices from Raleigh to the Baptist State Convention Building in Cary.

The Biblical Recorder offers three unique ways for all North Carolina Baptists to stay informed:

  • Biblical Recorder
    The Biblical Recorder has been North Carolina Baptists’ news source for 180 years. It is mailed to your home or delivered to your church 26 times each year.

  • BR Weekly
    The free weekly e-newsletter is an abbreviated version of the week’s important news, with links to where complete stories are available.

    The rapidly growing website has almost one million hits each month. The site features the latest news, daily blogs, opinions and links to interesting features. Information is added daily Monday through Friday, with some news added on weekends.

North Carolina Baptist Foundation

Since 1920 the North Carolina Baptist Foundation has served North Carolina Baptists and others in generating an increased awareness of Christian estate stewardship principles as a means of financially undergirding churches, institutions and mission endeavors on a permanent basis. M. Clay Warf is the executive director of the Foundation. The Foundation is located in a building adjacent to the Baptist Building in Cary.

North Carolina Baptist Financial Services is a ministry of the North Carolina Baptist Foundation. Established in 2009 following a growing number of inquiries from churches seeking loans for expansion, the North Carolina Baptist Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation. Using funds from the sale of certificates of participation, loans are made to churches for the construction and expansion of Baptist churches and facilities across North Carolina.

More Information

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