Church Retirement Plan

is the best retirement plan on the market today for paid staff of Southern Baptist churches. Our plan is jointly administered by the BSCNC and GuideStone Financial Resources of the SBC.

This 403(b)(9) retirement plan has been uniquely developed for persons in paid ministerial or non-ministerial employment with a church or an association recognized by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Plan contributions may come from the employing church and/or the employee through a salary reduction agreement, and matching dollars from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

The Church Retirement Plan - brief explanation of the plan, including participant eligibility, types of contributions, potential tax advantages and ways to enroll.  For a more complete summary of the plan, click here.

NC Church Eligibility Cooperative Program Giving Requirement - Churches are expected to give a minimum gift of $640 per participant per year through the Cooperative Program for plan participants to receive state convention benefits of disability, survivor and matching dollars which are explained in detail on this link.

Cooperative Program Waiver Request Form - A form for use in requesting a waiver of the Cooperative Program minimum giving requirement for churches with a budget of less than $50,000.

Mission/Church Assistance Fund - A special provision of the Church Retirement Plan for those paid staff who serve a church with an annual budget/receipts less than $75,000.

Mission/Church Assistance Fund Application Form - An enrollment form for those who serve churches with an annual budget/receipts less than $75,000.

Salary Reduction Agreement Form - Form for those who wish to make an employee contribution to the Church Retirement Plan.

Beneficiary Designation Form - Form for retirement plan participants to identify primary and secondary beneficiaries in case of participant’s death.

Frequently Asked Questions - Common questions related to the Church Retirement Plan.

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