Connect question

by Cheryl Markland
Friday, July 12, 2013 | 7 yrs old

Are there resources available to help me as a parent connect Sunday to the rest of my family's week?

We all know that many printed take home pages for parents to use with their children never make it home (or at least out of the floor of the car). Several curriculum publishers are now using technology to help parents participate in what their children are learning at church. LifeWay’s The Gospel Project and the reformatted Bible Studies for Life: Preschool and Kids have apps that can be downloaded. Digital versions of the family piece can also be sent as e-mails to parents. Standard Publishing’s Heart Shaper curriculum has digital family daily devotion pages. Group Publishing’s FaithWeaver curriculum has a family connect page in digital format that can be sent to parents. Group’s Hands-On curriculum has a printed take home sheet that could be scanned and sent. At a minimum,teachers could post the story title and scripture on the classroom door to give parents a reminder of the daily lesson. Some churches post the lesson features on Facebook. Encourage parents to leverage these great resources in discipling their families. If you hear of other ways to help families connect Sunday to Monday, please let me know at

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