Worship Leader Boot Camp

August 26-27, 2016
Peninsula Baptist Church
687 Brawley School Rd.,
Mooresville, NC 28117

$25 until August 8
$30 after August 8
$40 at the door

Cancellation Fee: No refunds after August 19. Requests must be submitted in writing by August 19 to klamm@ncbaptist.org. 


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For detailed information about all of the Worship Leader Boot Camps, please visit www.WorshipLeaderBootCamps.org. 

Info: The Worship Leader Boot Camp is great for all musicians involved in worship leadership in their churches. We will begin with the basics - the theology of worship. We will then discuss many leadership issues to help each person grow in their leadership and understand how to be sensitive in their work. We will then look at how to select (and where to find) new songs for worship, putting them through the proper filters for text and music. We will look at formats and styles of worship and the worship wars that churn around us. We will spend quite a bit of time on the mechanics of worship-learning how to put together a set list, looking at key relationships and textual relationships. We will examine flow in worship and discuss planning a worship service with all the components involved. Participants will learn how to publish a worship plan/guide for the musicians that will aid in implementing the worship service.

Finally, we will examine corporate worship in practice, looking at common pitfalls, rehearsal basics, and how to have ongoing evaluation to improve your worship team’s leadership. No worship renewal is possible apart from God’s Spirit, and our time will be filled with worship, prayer, and dependence upon God.

If you have a church that would benefit from the Worship Leader Boot Camp but cannot make any of the dates or locations that may be listed above, consider bringing your team to the Saturday-only session of the Worship Leader Boot Camp Special Edition events. They are identical except for the modeling of the worship band. To help with this, we will utilize some video of a full band. 

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The Worship Leader Boot Camps, together with the Worship Summits, offer a total package of training and foundation for worship renewal in the local church. Conceivably, a church could send the senior pastor and worship team to the Worship Leader Boot Camp, and several other people interested in worship or instrumental in leading worship renewal in the church, to the Worship Summit. This would ground a leadership core in your church in gaining vision for renewal and equipping them with the tools for change. This could be a major step in achieving renewal in the church.

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