North Carolina

is increasingly becoming a more urban and ethnically diverse state. The 2010 U.S. Census revealed 74.79 percent (7.1 million) of North Carolinians live in the eight metropolitan areas of our state. The U.S. Census also noted that 77.82 percent (1.7 million) of non-Anglo North Carolinians live in the eight metropolitan areas.

Peoples Next Door NC

Peoples Next Door NC exists to mobilize, assist, and empower churches throughout North Carolina to discover and engage unreached people groups who are now living here in our cities.

God, in His sovereign will, has seen fit to bring the nations to North America. Now it is up to His people to be obedient in reaching those whom He has brought to us with the gospel. The North American church must shift toward focusing mission on every congregation’s immediate context and not only some distant community. The growing population of unreached immigrants in North America is evident and the need for the gospel to permeate these peoples is greater now than ever before.


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