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Vocational Evangelists

In Scripture Paul instructed the Ephesian churches (Ephesians 4:11-12) concerning the spiritual gifts which were given to members of the body of Christ for the edification and completion of the church. Among these gifts was listed the gift of evangelism, which we understand as the special anointing to communicate the gospel. Many in the church have been blessed with this gift of evangelism and exercise it with much success, but are not called of God to evangelism as a life's work. We are all called to a lifestyle of sharing the good news.

Vocational evangelists differ from others who have a heart for evangelism in that they feel a special call of God to pursue evangelism as a vocation which provides the freedom to go anywhere at any time to be used as a harvest evangelist, music evangelist, revivalist, evangelism trainer or as a special conference leader.

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Campers On Mission

Campers On Mission (COM) is a national fellowship of Christian campers who proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ while camping or participating in missions activities.

National COM rallies are held annually in June. State chapters also conduct rallies and the North Carolina Campers On Mission (NCCOM) has a rally each year in the spring and fall.

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Carolina Faith Riders

Carolina Faith Riders is a motorcyclist ministry designed to be intentionally evangelistic and to give churches an additional resource to equip and engage members to boldly share their faith with those in their motorcycle community who are lost, unchurched and searching for a place of significance. We pray this ministry will excite members to use their love of motorcycles as a tool to become a Great Commandment Christian, fulfill the Great Commission and glorify God.

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