The cure for what ails you

Not long ago, my wife and I were leading a pastor and wife marriage event and having a great time when a comment from one of the couples in attendance made me cringe. On the first night of...[more]

Are you fighting for your family?

While serving as a senior pastor I once put these words on our new LED church sign: Are You Fighting FOR Your Family? That message prompted a phone call from a woman in our community....[more]

Staying in love

What does it take to fall in love? Apparently, not much more than a pulse.  Perhaps we should be asking instead, “What does it take to stay in love?”. That is a profoundly different...[more]

Men and fathers really do matter

Recently I was watching a television talk show when the female host stated something like this, “We don’t need men or fathers anymore. As women, we can have a baby, raise a family, own a...[more]

Anger's destructive path

Some time ago I was leading a small group study in my home about the subject of anger when a sincere Christian wife and mom stunned the entire group by blurting out, “If I can’t feel and...[more]

The real purpose of marriage

Did you hear about the woman who wanted a new car for her 40th birthday? Instead of telling her husband exactly what she wanted, she simply told him, “For my birthday I want you to surprise...[more]

Real friends

While attending a conference, the CEO of a multi-million dollar company confessed a long-standing secret to a group of peers. He said, "I don't think I have any real friends. I haven't...[more]

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