Church & Family Connect

is a ministry designed to help church leaders and families answer questions about how to make fruitful disciples of the next generation. We want to empower church leaders to create a strategic family plan and give parents practical resources to raise Christ-centered kids.


At church, discipleship can often equate to scheduled programs. Programs in and of themselves can be good, but do you sometimes feel like the TV commercial “what happens at church, stays at church?” How do we create a culture of disciple-making in our limited church time?


Is home a place where we live and love, learn and grow, or does it resemble a
pit stop that you visit to refuel before going to the next activity? Is saying a
blessing before a meal or a bedtime prayer at the end of the day the sum of
your spiritual parenting? We know we are called to make disciples in our homes,
but how do we overcome the lack of time and energy to do this?


What if church and home joined forces with the goal of making disciples of our
families? We invite you to explore Church and Family Connect for resources and
ideas to equip your families for this task. Deuteronomy 6 calls parents to lead
from hearts that love God fully and impress this love on our children through
our daily walk together. Ecclesiastes 4:12b reminds us that “a cord of three
strands is not easily broken” (NIV). Let’s see what happens when God, church
and family unite!

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