Grateful to be part of what God is doing at Fruitland

by BSC Communications
Friday, October 24, 2014 | 5 yrs old

It was a sunny fall afternoon when the family of Nancy Nell Jacumin gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony for a new facility to be named in her memory on the campus of Fruitland Baptist Bible College (Fruitland).  The family was joined by faculty, students and numerous friends of Fruitland for the ceremony Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014.  The afternoon was warm for this time of year, but that warmth was exceeded by the comments and love shared by the family and others during the ceremony.  

Nancy Nell Jacumin was remembered as a godly wife, mother, educator and supporter of Christian missionary efforts.  Her love for family and devotion to Jesus Christ were well noted throughout the ceremony.  Mrs. Jacumin, who passed away in June 2014, was deeply impacted growing up by her pastor — the Rev. A. V. Ledford, who was a 1949 graduate of Fruitland.  The family’s long appreciation for Fruitland is due in large part to Rev. Ledford.  Mrs. Jacumin’s son, Dr. Marty Jacumin, said, “I grew up hearing my mother speak so fondly of Rev. Ledford.  He taught my mother to love the Lord Jesus Christ, to love the church and to do whatever is necessary to take the gospel around the world.”  Dr. Jacumin, senior pastor of Bay Leaf Baptist Church in Raleigh, was joined by his sister Mitzi Lane, Mitzi’s daughter Ashley and his father, former North Carolina senator Jim Jacumin for the groundbreaking.
In his comments, Dr. David Horton, president of Fruitland, shared, “God brings many different people together for special ministry efforts, and this is happening today.”  After sharing his appreciation for the Jacumin family and their commitment to ministry and missions, Horton introduced to those assembled Mrs. Naomi Dougherty, the daughter of Rev. A.V. Ledford, who was part of a group from Penelope Baptist Church in Hickory, N.C. that was visiting Fruitland’s campus that day as well.  

Bobby Garrett, facilities director at Fruitland, described the facility to be built as a quadplex.  The facility will include four student apartments:  two units will be three bedroom units of approximately 1,100 square feet each, and the other two units will be two bedroom units of approximately 800 square feet each.   Garrett noted that the facility will be constructed by volunteers from local churches.  Specifically, Fruitland Baptist Church and Mud Creek Baptist Church will perform much of the work.  It is anticipated that volunteers from Fruitland Baptist Church will begin work on the foundation immediately, and volunteers with the Carpenter’s Hands Ministry at Mud Creek Baptist Church will join the effort.  The goal is to have the facility dried in before Christmas with a major push by Carpenter’s Hands volunteers to complete a significant part of the construction during the Christmas break.  The anticipated completion date for the entire project is March 2015. 

Dr. Horton noted, “The materials for the entire project have been made possible by the generous donation of the Jacumin family.  Their gift, coupled with the volunteer labor, will allow this facility to be built debt free — which is the way I intend to complete these kinds of task from now on here at Fruitland.”  Horton shared with those assembled, “It is fitting to name these family student apartments for Mrs. Jacumin as she not only loved family and children, but education as well.  Mrs. Jacumin worked as a public school teacher for 16 years but also served as a teacher in her local church, as well as a member of the Board of Visitors at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.”  Horton quoted Danny Akin, president of the seminary, saying, “(Mrs. Jacumin) was the epitome of Christian grace.”

Local building supply company Builders FirstSource is the supplier of all building materials for the project.  W.C. Hare and Jennings Ward from Builders FirstSource were present for the dedication.  Drawings of the facility were also on display. 

Brian Davis, associate executive director-treasurer for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (Convention), brought greetings to the group.  Davis reminded those in attendance that the Convention has long appreciated the leadership and service of the Jacumin family.  In 2014, Senator Jacumin was the recipient of the Convention’s annual Baptist Heritage Award.

Davis noted that the facility must be more than a residence hall but a “laboratory for disciple-making.”  He continued, “My prayer is that this will be a place where husbands and wives grow as followers of Jesus, and in turn, they disciple their children.  I am praying that as these student families build relationships with others, on campus and in the community, that these rooms will be where Fruitland students engage other families with the gospel.” Davis noted that disciple-making is an ongoing process involving long-term relationships of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, helping people surrender their lives to Christ, discipling new believers to live as Christ and then equipping new believers to go make more disciples. 

Dr. Jacumin noted, “In ministry, you often work to bring encouragement to others. But oftentimes, as ministers, we walk away from ministry visits finding that we are the ones that have been blessed.  That’s how our family feels today — we’re walking away from here knowing that we are the ones feeling blessed.  Thank you for allowing our family to be part of what God is doing on this campus.”