How you can make a Deep Impact this summer

by Marty Simpkins
  • Students help build a wheelchair ramp during a Deep Impact mission camp.

  • Students help build a wheelchair ramp during a Deep Impact mission camp.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 | 6 yrs old

What missions experiences will your congregation provide your youth this summer?  It’s not too late to make plans for life changing experiences for the youth in your church as registration for the 2014 Deep Impact weeks is now underway. The theme for Deep Impact this year is “Rejoice, Proclaim, Be Glad.” The theme comes from Psalm 97:1-6 where David praises God for His righteousness and His power over all things. Deep Impact leaders want to encourage participants to be glad that they serve an awesome and powerful God who works through them to expand His Kingdom through mission work.

The goal of Deep Impact is to instill two essential truths in students:  The necessity for a deep relationship with Christ and the unmistakable impact this relationship must have upon their lives and the lives of others.  Deep Impact provides not only experiences for youth to grow deeper in their walk with Christ but to go further in their service to Christ.

This summer, Deep Impact will be conducted located at 12 different locations: nine in North Carolina and three outside of North Carolina. In addition two mini-weeks will be available at the Shelby and Red Springs Mission Camps. Deep Impact is conducted in various locations each year; some years teams revisit areas served in the past but each year new locations are identified.

The three new locations in North Carolina this year are in Pittsboro (June 16-21), Washington (June 23-28) and Wilkes County (also June 23-28). For a complete list of locations and dates, please visit

For all North Carolina locations, excluding the mini-weeks at the mission camps, registration is $200 per person. The mini-weeks at the Shelby and Red Springs mission camps are only $100 per person. The fees for teams participating in Deep Impact experiences outside of North Carolina may also be found at

Deep Impact weeks at the following locations are full:  North Carolina Baptist Assembly at Fort Caswell, Honduras and Cuba.  Some of the weeks are almost full but there is still time to register for the other locations.

Each Deep Impact week will provide students opportunities for engaging in various ministries for that specific location, including but not limited to: construction, senior adult care, children’s ministry, servant evangelism and sports evangelism. Students will able to pick which ministry they would like to perform. Tom Beam is the mobilization consultant for student missions at N.C Baptist Men and he explains how students will be able to invest their gifts and abilities in ministry.

“One of the unique aspects of Deep Impact is that we try to put people on projects where their gifts are maximized,” Beam said. “Each individual is going to choose which project they would like to serve on and then at night, you get to hear those opportunities of how God is working through those ministries.”

Beam is referring to the time where students will have group devotions with participants from their own church every night that week to dive deeper into relationships with not only Christ, but with each other. Teams gather to talk about the different projects that they were involved in that day. Not only that, but Youth groups will have a great opportunity to worship at Deep Impact as well.

For more information on Deep Impact and how your youth group can get involved, contact Tom Beam at If you would like to register for Deep Impact this summer, visit You can also like Deep Impact on their Facebook page.