NCMO provides for the Shelby Mission Camp

by Marty Simpkins
Thursday, March 13, 2014 | 6 yrs old

David and Janet Brown are the new camp leaders for the Shelby Mission Camp. David Brown is very familiar with the ministry of the Shelby Mission Camp as he’s been a missions leader for his church, Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby

Through Elizabeth Baptist Church, Brown spent many years ministering to young men through Royal Ambassadors and as the Men’s ministry director, and was instrumental in organizing the church’s Disaster Relief and Handyman ministries as well. Professionally, he was also an auto technician for 40 years and was the owner of his own automotive service for 32 of those years.

As the new camp leader, Brown is excited and looking forward to the opportunity to further God’s Kingdom through the missions and ministries of North Carolina Baptist Men.

“Besides just maintaining this facility, we want to make sure that it is used to help minister to the needs of the people of Cleveland and surrounding counties,” Brown said. “We host volunteer groups from our local communities, throughout the state and across the nation.”

Volunteers give anywhere from one hour to several weeks of their time as they participate in the camp’s various missionary and ministry efforts.  Volunteers may be involved in organizing projects for future teams as well as completing projects begun by other teams. Some of the projects include home repair, Vacation Bible Schools, sports camps and evangelism.

More specifically, volunteers have worked with the Cleveland County Homeless Shelter and the Pregnancy Resource Center in remodeling their facilities. However, in order to participate in these ministries, the Shelby Mission Camp needs consistent financial support — that’s where the North Carolina Missions Offering comes in.

“The NC Mission Offering is our lifeline of support,” Brown said. “While very grateful for what we have, we also have needs. Many of our tools are becoming worn out and need replacing. Initial plans called for more use of this wonderful property that we have been blessed with. I would like to see these plans carried out so this property can be fully utilized to glorify God.”

This special offering being received across North Carolina supports all of the missions and ministries of North Carolina Baptist Men (NCBM), as well as provide critical support for church planting efforts through the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. The Shelby Mission Camp is just one of the 18 unique ministries of NCBM.

Through the ministries of NCBM, individuals like David Brown come to recognize that God is calling them to missions and ministry. There are thousands of men, women, and students who are involved in missions through the Missions Camps at Shelby and at Red Springs. Your generous support of the North Carolina Missions Offering may be used of the Lord to provide experiences for others through which God may call them to His service. We hope that you will embrace the 2014 theme of the offering and “Choose Now” to support the North Carolina Missions Offering

For more information about the Shelby Mission Camp, visit To learn how you and your church can support the North Carolina Missions Offering, visit or call (800) 395-5102 ext 5515.