Convention launches updated sharing system

by BSCNC Communications
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 | 6 yrs old

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) recently launched a new online system to help connect ministers seeking positions with churches, and also connect churches seeking new ministers. The system is known as the Sharing System. Those who have used the former Sharing System in recent years will greatly appreciate the updated version.

The updated Sharing System now offers several new features such as accessibility through multiple browsers and the capacity to post a resume.

“We have been hard at work trying to improve and add features that will make the system simpler and more user-friendly,” said David Moore, BSCNC senior consultant for pastoral ministries.

“We also have the capacity ‘in-house,’ which we’ve not had previously, to make adjustments and continue to provide a viable and up-to-date service to North Carolina Baptists.”

The Sharing System has helped lead to about 706,000 minister and congregation matches.

In order to participate in the new Sharing System, North Carolina Baptists who were previously included in the system must re-enter their data and create a new profile. Information will not transfer from the previous system.

New users are also able to create a profile and post their resume.

“We are excited about the new product, in particular the process that matches ministers with congregations,” said Russell Schwab, BSCNC systems administrator. “Now we can run it on the fly because it’s built into the application system. There was a 5-6 hour wait before to see match results. Now the customer base doesn’t have to wait.”

Questions may be directed to Schwab at 800.395.5102, ext. 5582, or Ashley Ferguson at 800.395.5102, ext. 5657,

For additional information, visit the Sharing System website here.