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Dan Collison

Dan Collison

Title: Strategic Coordinator, Metro Charlotte
Team: Strategic Focus Team
Group: Admin & Convention Relations
Phone: (704) 975-6884

Dan has served as a Pastor for 26 years. He has been married to Denise for 25 years and they have four sons.

Dan has been fueled by a passion for church planting since 1997. His goal has been to birth/develop networks of newly planted and established churches that win the appreciation of the community, help people face their biggest needs and renew lasting hope in people, cities and nations.

His main areas of focus are:

  • Proclaiming the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Prevailing prayer for God's Kingdom to be expressed on earth
  • Participation as one member of the Body of Christ
  • Leading and planting churches that reproduce

Dan’s specialties are:

  • Preaching & teaching the Bible in a way that connects to our daily struggles;
  • Envisioning and explaining how churches can meaningfully impact their communities;
  • Church planting in a way that opens new doors of opportunity;
  • Developing strategies to move people and organizations toward missional success.

He most recently served as the Lead Strategist for TriadSENTral, a leadership development network helping church planters, pastors and marketplace leaders connect with the community and missionally live a life of faith.

He says, "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help North Carolina Baptists impact lostness through disciple-making in south-central North Carolina by strengthening and planting churches in pockets of lostness and among unreached people groups."