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William Ortega

William Ortega

Title: Consultant, Hispanic Church Planting
Team: Church Planting
Group: Church Planting and Missions Partnerships
Phone: (800) 395-5102 x5639

William Ortega began his work with the BSCNC as the Hispanic Church Planting Consultant in the Church Planting team in June 2013. His primary responsibility is to provide field service and consultation for associations and church leaders in the area of church planting among the Hispanics, developing a strategy plan to ensure that all of the Hispanic people is being targeted and engaged  through different church planting efforts across the state. He also assists in planning and conducting training events and conferences in the area of church planting for church planters and church leaders.

From 1985 to 1999 William pastored and planted churches in North Carolina and worked with NAMB in the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention area prioritizing church planting opportunities.

Before joining the BSCNC, William  served as a career missionary in Mexico City with International Mission Board (IMB) as a Mega-City Strategist for 14 years.

William was born in Costa Rica and  he is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC. He and his wife Orpha have two daughters, Vasti and Deidra.