Four steps for teaching children to pray

Friday, April 29, 2016 | 4 yrs old

Teaching your children to pray is one of the most important gifts you will ever give them. Jesus’ disciples recognized prayer’s importance when they asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Teach children that prayer is talking directly to God and knowing that God is always ready to hear them when they pray. Children must know that they can talk to God — but also that they must be ready to listen and respond to His direction. 

The following list is taken from the Church & Family Connect Ministry’s Disciple-making at home booklet:

1. Adoration
Helping children understand the nature of God is an important task of family worship. Reflecting God’s greatness as an act of worship sets the stage for a receptive heart.

2. Confession
Helping children recognize and confess that some of their actions can displease God and are called sin is an important lesson that children need to understand before making a confession of faith and becoming a Christian.

3. Thanksgiving
Thankfulness for both the good and difficult times in a person’s life develops a maturing faith.

4. Supplication
Supplication or requests for God’s help in supplying what is needed is last in this acronym. Helping children appreciate all that God supplies and focusing on the needs of others can increase a child’s awareness of the presence of God.