Five resources to help you make disciples this month

by Emily Rojas
Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 4 yrs old

Every month, we will be spotlighting five free and helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples. These resources are created by the staff of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) to help meet the ministry needs of pastors and lay leaders across the state. In addition to the resources featured here, many more can be found at 

Disciple-making tips
These downloads produced by the Communications Team were created to help you spread gospel-centered encouragement on the web. Whether they’re shared on a ministry social media page or on a personal account, these disciple-making tips are a great way to share what you believe and spur others on to make disciples. Pastors can also use these in church presentations on Sunday morning. Visit: | Follow: @ncbaptist

“The new urban world” map
The world around us is changing as populations boom and new urban centers form around the globe. This People’s Next Door N.C. map, which can be used as a prayer guide, will show you where the most people in the world presently reside. Many people in these large cities do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, so you can pray specifically God to work in these different parts of the world. 
Visit: | Follow: @pndnc

Prayer map
Today, there are more than 5.8 million lost people living in North Carolina, and many of them are not native to the United States. This prayer map from Peoples Next Door N.C. focuses specifically on those people groups. It contains profiles on the top 10 unreached people groups living in each population center in North Carolina. On this interactive map, you can find information about how to engage these people and their cultures, as well as commit to pray that they will come to know the Lord. 
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“Revitalize” booklet 
This download, produced by the Church Health and Revitalization Team, provides churches with a way to assess their growth and determine how they can carry out their mission for Christ to the fullest extent. This download will help churches determine whether they are in a state of incline, recline or decline, and will accordingly help them figure out what their options are in terms of revitalization and disciple-making.

“Disciple-making at home” booklet
God has given us all many opportunities to make disciples, and some of those opportunities lie within our own families. This download from the Church & Family Connect Ministry is a detailed guide for parents about making disciples of their own children. Included in this booklet are ideas about how to engage children of all ages in times of family worship, how to pray with children, how to create Bible games to facilitate disciple-making and more.