Ministries at a glance — things to know

by Emily Rojas
Monday, March 14, 2016 | 4 yrs old

Every quarter, we will be highlighting certain BSCNC ministries to brief you on ministry happenings and updates. Thanks to your support, our staff is able to serve many around the world and reach them for Christ. 

Hispanic Evangelism and Discipleship
Last year, 227 people from 29 congregations attended the Hispanic Youth Retreat at Fort Caswell. The Hispanic Youth Retreat is a time for Hispanic teens and young adults to take time to focus on the Lord and nurture a relationship with Him on a personal level. In 2015, 30 of those in attendance made a profession of faith, and 12 made a commitment to vocational Christian service.

NC Baptist Men/Baptists on Mission
NCBM, an auxiliary to the BSCNC, responded to 15 different disaster events in 2015, including the Nepal earthquake. The mobile/medical units, part of the new health screening ministry, helped to treat 4,655 patients in 140 locations. Through this ministry, 45 people made a profession of faith last year.

Special Ministries
In 2015, the BSCNC hosted the Happiness Retreat, an annual retreat that has met annually since 1974. This retreat, for people with developmental disabilities and delays, is a time for campers to learn about Jesus at their level of ability. Last year, 690 people from 49 different churches participated in this retreat.

Strategic Focus Team
In 2015, Antonio Santos joined the team to work with North Carolina’s growing Hispanic population. Studies show that by 2025, the Hispanic population in the state is expected to increase to 1 million. The other consultants on the Strategic Focus Team continue to assist church and associational leaders in the eight N.C. population centers where the 100 most concentrated pockets of lostness are found.

Childhood Ministry
More than 500 people from 100 churches attended childhood ministry training events in 2015. In addition, VBS and church support, as well as childhood ministry resource development, phone consultations and facility evaluations all increased last year.