Five resources that will transform your ministry

by Emily Rojas
Thursday, March 10, 2016 | 4 yrs old

Every month, we will be spotlighting five free and helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples. These resources are created by the staff of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) to help meet the ministry needs of pastors and lay leaders across the state. In addition to the resources featured here, many more can be found at

“A Manual for Discovery and Engagement"
This chart from Peoples Next Door N.C. gives an excellent description of the different people groups throughout North Carolina and gives detailed suggestions for how to engage them with the gospel. If you’ve been looking for ways to witness to North Carolina’s international community, this valuable resource will get you on the right path.
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“Prayer Prompts for Prayer Groups” booklet 
This booklet was created by the Office of Prayer for Evangelization and Spiritual Awakening for prayer group leaders to help lead others in intentional, biblical prayer. Pastors and students alike can use this resource to facilitate prayer gatherings, whether in a small group setting or in any time of group prayer.

“20 Most Strategic Campuses in North Carolina” chart
This chart from the Collegiate Partnerships Team gives a detailed report of the 20 most strategic campuses for reaching college students across the state. This chart is not only informative, but is also a practical way to take action to pray for and engage the college students in North Carolina with the gospel.
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“Embrace Leadership Training Manual"
If your church is in need of a women’s ministry, this manual from Embrace and Women’s Evangelism and Discipleship will provide you with specific instructions for forming a ministry that is biblically based and in line with your church’s strategy. The manual includes ideas that churches can use to connect women with missions in their local communities.
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“Prayerwalking Prayer Prompts”
Adapted from the “Prayerwalking Made Simple” booklet, this guide from the Office of Prayer is the perfect size to take with you on a prayerwalk. The guide includes specific prayer prompts, as well as Bible verses to pray over the area.

En español: “Caminata de Oración Sencilla” 
Haciendo una caminata de oracion es una de las maneras más poderosas para pedirle a Dios a actuar en un lugar especifico. Esta guia en español delinea los fundamentos de las caminatas de oración para congregaciónes hispanos y cubre lo todo — de cómo preparar para una caminata de oración, de cómo orar biblicamente durante la caminata.