Making disciples during Easter

by Ashley Allen, Embrace Women's Missions and Ministries
Monday, March 23, 2015 | 6 yrs old

Sometimes we fail to see Easter as an opportunity to make disciples because we assume everyone knows the true meaning of this holy day. However, in our post-Christian culture today most people do not understand the true meaning of Easter and what it means for believers and can mean for those who chose to follow Christ.

How do we use this season to make disciples? Here are some suggestions.

1. Ask others what resurrection means – The resurrection is vital to the gospel message and the Christian life, but those who do not know Christ might not understand the full implications of Christ rising from the dead or even what it means. This is a great opportunity to begin gospel conversations.

2. Ask others who they say Christ is – Jesus Himself asked this question of Peter in Mark 8. People have opinions about who Jesus is. Asking others to articulate who they believe Jesus to be is a great way to point them to the truth of Christ from Scripture.

3. Use conversations to share for ourselves what it means that Christ rose from the dead – The follow-up question Jesus had for Peter in Mark 8 was “But who do you say that I am?” (vs. 29). As we engage and talk with others, we need to share for ourselves why it is important for our own lives that Christ rose from the dead.

4. Invite neighbors over to share in Easter brunch, lunch and dinner – While inviting non-believers to church on Easter Sunday is a good way to expose them to the message of the gospel, much more one-on-one conversation can occur around a table of food. I am not saying don’t invite non-believing family and friends to church; I am encouraging you to go beyond a one and done church invitation.

5. Disciple through the beauty of Christ – God’s Son died a cruel death on the cross to take away our sins. This involved His shedding of blood and giving up His life. That is not pleasant. Yet, it is His great love shown on the cross that is beautiful and to be shared. The story continues as we share the glorious hope we have in the resurrection of our Lord! Never discount discipling through the cross and the empty tomb.

Editor’s note: This article is adapted from a blog post by Ashley Allen, Director of Embrace Women’s Missions and Ministries. Read more of Allen’s writing at the Worthy of the Calling blog. Also, an infographic is available for download below.